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Improvisation as Foundation

Reflecting on how I've become a comedic actor feels a lot like looking back and asking, "where did it all go wrong?" ;-)  Perhaps it was the Catholic education that was lackadaisically reinforced by a family of Christmas/Easter Catholics? Maybe it was graduating from college in the middle of the Great Recession and deciding to jump head first into the world of kitchen knife sales? Or maybe I just heard that very quiet whisper that only a few chosen Ohioans hear in their lives - "Get OUT!"

Whatever it was, it led me to New York, performing improv and sketch comedy on multiple teams from 2012 to now. I've performed comedy and theater everywhere in the city from dingy midtown bar basements to Off Broadway theaters - including 900 shows with Drunk Shakespeare!


My training is a combination of old school Second City (with teachers like Gary Austin - founder of the Groundlings, David Razowsky and Michael Gellman) and new school UCB (I've completed both their improv and sketch curricula). It's that blending of old and new school improvisation that allowed me to build a solid reputation as a reliable actor who listens and reacts realistically. I'll go as big as the scene requires, but still keep the character's feet on the ground. Come see a show live to see just how that works!

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