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Height: 5'7"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Body Type: Large 


Non Union
Seeking Representation

Fun Fact: Has improvised for author R.L. Stine

Improvisation Teams (current)

The Internet Disagrees

Improv team since October 2012

Members: Irene Carroll, Zak Corrigan, Sean Costello, Will Dietzler, Leah Evans

Twice monthly shows at The Creek and Cave in Long Island City, frequently performs at The PIT & Triple Crown

First champion of Indie Indie Cagematch

Competed in Indie Cagematch at UCB East

The Panel

Improv team since October 2016

Members: Langston Belton, Steve Capps, Leah Evans, Brian Hansbury, Amanda Stafford Adrian Sexton, Stephen Thornton

Performs bi monthly

The Panel also serves as the casting board for improv house teams at The Armory

Improvisation Teams (past) - RIP

Geisha Gravy

Improv duo with Stephen Thornton

Performed 45 minute improvised one-act plays

Indie Cage Match at UCB East 2016

Cincinnati IF Improv Festival 2017

Created short play "Accidents Long Past" which debuted in ANDTheatre Co's "Boxers & Briefs" short play festival in 2016

Gary Austin's The Classroom

Original improvisation form developed by the founder of The Groundlings, Gary Austin

Members: Irene Carroll, Lulu French, Mark Hudson, Katie Lazarus, Catherine Santino, Stephen Thornton, Scotty Watson, Jared Wilder

Performs monthly at the PIT; just renewed for monthly show in 2017

Five for Vendetta

First house team of the Treehouse Theater (eventually became PIT Loft)

Winner of the 

Coached by Patrick McCartney and Rob Reese

November 2014 - March 2016

Gotham City Improv

Performed weekly at Steve & Marie Sgouros Theater and The Celebration of Whimsy 

Improv (short and long form) and sketch comedy 

Originally started in 1987 as The Groundlings East - one of New York's longest running improv schools/performing groups

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