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Life of an Improviser

Practice makes perfect. And in the world of the improviser, perfection isn't really attainable. But more practice makes you a better performer and that's precisely why I am on so many improv teams.

Currently, I'm improvising with 4 main teams - The Internet Disagrees, Gotham City Improv, Five for Vendetta and The ANDsemble. I also have teams that perform occasionally like Two Man Tango and my newest adventure, Sause and Jones.

My friends who also perform like to joke with me that I'm always off to a show, which is what happens when you have so many teams. I like knowing that in any given week, I'm performing for people typically 3-4 times a week, sometimes more. And that's just with improv. That doesn't include sketch shows or videos.

But the main reason I have so many teams is because there are so many fun people to work with in this community. Improvisation is a team sport, and it's not as competitive as something like standup. The community is full of supportive and caring individuals.

So yeah, I'm on a ton of teams and I'm improvising all the time all over NYC.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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